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2023 event details

This is a USS sanctioned event in Roanoke, Va., on September 30, 2023.

Event weights are on the registration page:  8th Annual Star City Strongman at Star City StrongFest

We're excited to be partnering with Professional Strongman League this year to host a pro show immediately following Star City Strongman. Both shows will be at Elmwood Park in downtown Roanoke, in conjunction with our first festival - Star City StrongFest.

If you're interested in being a vendor/exhibitor, sponsor or volunteer, please reach out to me at

$65 early bird (10 spots), $75 after early bird spots are filled. Registration closes Sept. 8. Athletes get a T-shirt; no exchanges, so please choose the correct size. Shirts are unisex. Additional festival and athlete shirts are available for purchase on Iron Podium.


Max deadlift

Press medley

Star hold

Carry medley

Stone over bar



Max deadlift

Will be using a Texas deadlift bar from the floor. Women & Teens will open at 185, with 25 lb. jumps. Men will open at 250 with 50 lb. jumps. Bar weight will be called auction-style; jump in and out at any point, with three total attempts, but if you miss an attempt within those three, you're done. Athlete will have 30 seconds to complete the lift once they begin. Judge will call down command. Scoring: if two athletes in the same division end their 3rd attempt with a successful lift of the same weight, judge will use lookback to opening attempt or second attempt to break the tie. For example - Bobby Thompson lifts 800, 850, 900 and Evan Singleton lifts 785, 850, 900 - Bobby opened higher and breaks the tie (sorry Evan). Belts, wrist wraps, straps, suits, chalk allowed. No hooks, no sticky stuff, no sumo. **Adaptive athletes' deadlift will be adjusted as needed**


Press medley

Athlete has 60 seconds to complete medley. Medley consists of one rep on axle bar, max reps in remaining time with circus dumbbell. All presses will receive down command. Circus dumbbell must touch the mat and be re-cleaned after each press. Athlete may switch arms. Do not intentionally drop/throw any of the implements from the top - this will result in a no lift. Split times will not be taken. Belts, sleeves, wraps, chalk allowed. No sticky stuff. **Adaptive athletes' medley will be adjusted as needed**


Star hold

Athlete will start standing on Hercules hold platform and gripping both handles. Time will start when volunteers lower weights on each side of the hold. Athlete will hold handles as long as possible. Wrist/elbow wraps, chalk allowed. No gloves, no sticky stuff, no straps. **Adaptive athletes' hold will be adjusted as needed**

Carry medley

Athletes will start with the yoke fully behind the starting line and carry 40 feet. Athlete may drop when they cross the line with their body and the center of the yoke. Athlete will pick frame and carry back 40 feet. Frame must fully cross the line. Unlimited drops allowed on both. Time will be taken or distance will be measured if the event is not completed in 60 sec. Grip shirts, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk allowed. No straps, no sticky stuff. **Adaptive athletes' medley will be adjusted as needed**


Stone over bar

Athlete will have 60 sec. to lift atlas stone from ground and load over a bar as many times as possible. Grip shirts, elbow/knee sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk, tacky, tacky towels allowed. TACKY MUST BE REMOVED IN TACKY REMOVAL ZONE ONLY - if you're going to use it, please be respectful of our venue. Athletes will be aware of Tacky Removal Zone and directed there as they exit the event after their turn. Do NOT use sinks that will be located near the restrooms.



In the event of precipitation, all events will take place under the cover of the Elmwood Stage and will be adjusted for safety as needed. In the event that weather presents a dangerous situation to athletes, event venue may change or event may be postponed or cancelled. All decisions will be communicated to athletes as soon as possible.



Weigh-ins & yoke heights: Sept. 29, 4-8 p.m. (The Noke Training, 711 Salem Ave., SW, Roanoke) OR Sept. 30, 8-8:30 a.m. (event venue: Elmwood Park, 505 Williamson Rd., SE)

Park opens at 8 a.m.; entry to the park is FREE for spectators - parking on street and in lot or garage across the street from Elmwood (on Williamson)Rules meeting at 8:30 a.m. (all athletes MUST attend)

Lifting starts at 9 a.m.

Please do NOT wait until last minute to weigh-in. All athletes MUST purchase a USS Strongman membership card PRIOR to the show. You may purchase your card through Iron Podium. This will be checked prior to event day and athletes without membership will be contacted individually.

Proceeds from this event will go to our presenting nonprofit - Partnership for Community Wellness,



Weight divisions may be combined at organizer's discretion

Top 3 in each Open division (including Masters) will receive an invite to USS Nationals

Winner (1) of Men's Open u198 division will receive an invite to Professional Strongman League 2024 u198 competition

Winner (1) each Novice division will receive an invite to USS Nationals

If you have not competed in USS Open and/or have not won USS Novice, you can compete in Novice

Teen division is open to anyone ages 13-19. Athletes under the age of 18 MUST have parental or guardian consent and MUST be registered by that parent/guardian; parent/guardian will accept liability waiver.

There is one adaptive division open currently; please email me if you are an adaptive athlete who wants to compete, but do not fit that division.


Past event results

Media coverage

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