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Oct. 5, 2024 - Elmwood Park, Roanoke

Feats of strength  |  Festival  |  Food  |  Family Fun  |  FREE
begins at 9 a.m.

What is Star City StrongFest?

From 2013-2015, Strongman was part of the Virginia Commonwealth Games.
In 2016, Star City Strongman became an official standalone event.

Each year as the event grew, we learned it was about WAY more than just lifting weights -
it was about supporting our mental health.

In 2023, we joined forces with Partnership for Community Wellness and The Noke Training to present our first
Star City StrongFest - a wellness-focused festival meant to provide YOU with information on
resources to support you own wellness journey. In 2024, we're doing it again!

The day is highlighted by our 9th Annual Star City Strongman and the
u90kg men and u64kg women Professional Strongman League WORLD championships, 
featuring athletes from all around the globe!

The path to wellness looks different for everyone - but you do not have to walk alone.

We are #StrongerTogether

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